How To Print On Macbook

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If you have never had a Macbook before, or any device that runs from the Apple iOS system, then it can be a bit jarring and confusing to figure out how they work.

Apple products run differently to Windows, making it sometimes difficult to figure out how to do the simplest of tasks.

If you have a document, image, or PDF to print then you may be unsure how to go about it on your Macbook. Luckily, we are here to help with this informative guide! We will have your document printed in no time! Read on to find out how to print on a Macbook. 

How To Print On A Macbook (Quick Guide)

To print on a Macbook or Mac device, you just need to follow these quick steps.

Step One

Either open up the image, document, or page and press File and Print from the top bar of your screen, or use Command-P to open up the print dialogue box. 

Step Two

Once the print dialogue box pops up, you will have a range of options to choose from. These include the number of copies, the pages, what color you want to print in, orientation, scaling, paper size, and whether you want the print-out double sided or not.

If the document is fine as it is- you can check this in the preview box, then you can simply press Print. 

Step Three

To change the settings, you have to consider how you want the print-out to come out once printed. For instance, you can select Printer to choose which printer you want to use. If one is not already set up, you can add one to your printer list with Add Printer. 

You can also add Presets, which are pre-made settings and default settings you can choose once you have printed once before.

In addition, you can alter the number of copies with the Copies button, and you can choose the pages you want to print with Print Range if you only want pages 1-3 for example. 

Select whether you want your copies to print in black and white or color by ticking the box, and choose if you want to print double-sided to save on paper.

Depending on which paper you are using, you can also alter the paper size and print size, along with the orientation of the document. 

Step Four

With all of your options made, you are ready to print. Simply press Print in the bottom right corner, or press enter on your keyboard. 

How Do You Print A Document On A Macbook?

How To Print On Macbook

If you have a document to print, or you need to print a webpage, the process is pretty much the same. Simply open up the document or webpage that you need to print out on your Macbook.

Then, select File from the top menu bar near the apple icon in the top left hand corner. From there, you should see a drop down menu. At the bottom of the drop down menu, you will see Print…and the command and P button.

What this means is that there is actually a shortcut to print on a Macbook too. If you hold the command button and press P, it will open the Print options dialog box on your screen for a fast printing experience! 

Once you have pressed Print…or used the shortcut key, the print options dialog box will open. 

The window will pop up, and you will see options for which printer you want to use. Select the printer from the options on the top right hand corner of this window. 

If you have not got a printer option, then you will need to press Add Printer to the options. When the correct printer is selected, you will need to select the number of pages you want to print and the number of copies.

When you have adjusted these settings, you can select Print in the bottom right hand corner. This will send the document or the webpage to the printer, and you just need to wait for it to finish! 

How Do You Print A PDF On A Macbook?

Printing a PDF can be a little different. You will first need to open up the PDF on your Mac, which will bring them up in a Preview window.

Sometimes, you may have to download a PDF first from online before printing. Click the Download button which often looks like an arrow pointing downwards. 

Then, you can open up the document in Preview. Once preview is open, head to the toolbar at the top and choose File again and Print. This will open up the print options menu, and you can follow the steps above to print.

However, you may need to scale the image in the preview section to ensure that it fits the paper that you are using. 

Why Is My Mac Not Letting Me Print?

Your Mac may not be printing for a number of reasons. First of all, ensure that the printer is working, has paper in it, and the paper is not jammed. The printer will also not work if it does not have ink or toner.

If your printer is still not responding, then you may need to delete the printer from your network settings and add it again. On your Mac, choose the Apple menu button (the apple icon), and select System Settings. Then, head to Printers & Scanners. 

Then, you can add the printer to your list of available printers. Try deleting it from that list if it is already on there, and start anew by setting up the printer on there again. If it is still not working, then reset your printer. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, printing on a Mac is not that difficult once you know how to! In most cases, you just have to find the File button on the toolbar, and head to Print.

As long as you have a printer connected nearby, then you should have no issue printing any document, PDF, or webpage from your Macbook. 

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