How Long Does It Take To Backup An iPhone?

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To avoid data loss, it is vital that you routinely backup your iPhone. Though it is simple to back up an iPhone, it can be a time-consuming process. This has discouraged many people from backing up their iPhones.

Continue reading to find out approximately how long it will take to back up your iPhone.

How Long Will It Take To Backup An iPhone?

Often, it will take between 20 minutes and 2 hours to back up an iPhone. This is regardless of whether you are using iCloud or iTunes. However, the speed with which your device does this will depend on a few factors. 

For instance, the number of files on your iPhone can impact the backup speed. The more files you have on your device, the longer it will take to back all of them up. 

Moreover, the condition of your phone can affect the speed, as older phones that are in poor condition will typically be slower. The latest iPhone model will typically back up faster than less advanced models. Lastly, the backup rate can also be altered by the quality of your internet connection.

To reduce the amount of time that it takes to back up your iPhone, it is essential that you regularly back up the device. If you rarely back up your iPhone, have a poor internet connection, and have a large number of files, the backup may take more than two hours.

What Does Backing Up Mean?

In technology, backing up is an important process. Essentially, it will involve creating a copy of all the data on a system. The main aim of a backup is to prevent data loss. Moreover, it will allow you to access older copies of data. 

It is recommended that you back up all of your devices, including an iPhone or iPad. When you get a new device, you can then transfer all of this information to it.

Why Should You Backup Your iPhone?

Backing up the data on your iPhone is highly important. Why is this? Here are just some of the reasons why you should routinely backup your device: 

  • You can recover this data easily. As a result, if you accidentally get rid of data, you can recover and restore it. 
  • Backing up will ensure that your data is more secure. Your data will be better protected against breaches.
  • This will make it much easier to transfer your data from one device to another. 
  • Data management will be super simple when you back up an iPhone.

How Can You Speed Up The iPhone Backup?

How Can You Speed Up The iPhone Backup

If you are fed up with your iPhone taking a long time to backup, here are some steps that you can take to speed up this process:

Get Rid Of Unwanted Data

Let’s face it, everyone will have data on their phone that they do not need. The majority of iPhone users forget to remove this data before they begin the backup process. However, the more data your iPhone needs to back up, the longer it will take.

As a result, we recommend going through your data and deleting anything unnecessary. As a result, your device will back up faster and you will have more space on your device. 

Turn Of Large Apps

Large apps will take longer to back up. As a result, you may want to disable them before launching a backup. These apps will no longer be backed up.

To disable these apps, simply go to the Settings section on your device and then Hit iCloud. From there, you can disable or enable the backup options for the various apps on your device.

If desired, you can back up these massive apps separately. Disabling these apps will be much easier than deleting them and then reinstalling them once the backup has finished.

Consider Using Alternative Backup Tools

Though the most common backup tools for iPhones are iCloud or iTunes. Though these are both great options, some alternatives may be faster for you. Later iPhone models will work especially well when using other backup tools.

One of the best tools that you can use is pCloud. This is a secure form of cloud storage.

Improve Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection will seriously impact the backup time. If you have a bad internet connection, your device will likely struggle to back up the data. You can easily fix this problem by changing to a superior bandwidth or Wi-Fi. 

How Can You Backup An iPhone?

Now that you know a little more about the importance of backing up your iPhone and how you can speed up the process, you may be wondering how you can start this process. This backup is primarily done through iCloud, though iTunes may also be used.

Backing Up Through iCloud

On your device, go to Settings. Then, click on your name followed by iCloud and then iCloud Backup. Simply ensure that the Backup setting has been turned on so that your device will do this automatically. You can manually conduct this process by pressing Back Up Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My iPhone Taking So Long To Backup?

The chances are that your device is taking so long to complete the backup process because you have too many files. Try deleting a few unnecessary photos or videos to reduce the load of data that your device is backing up. 

How Regularly Should You Backup Your iPhone?

It is recommended that you backup this device daily, which should be easy when using iCloud. However, if this is too frequent for you, it is best to back up an iPhone at least once every week. 

What Happens If You Never Back Up Your iPhone?

If you fail to back up your iPhone, this could cause serious problems if you need to restore or change your device. You could lose a significant amount of data. This could include some of your favorite photos.

Final Thoughts

Though backing up your iPhone or another device can take a long time, it is nonetheless crucial to frequently back up the device. Provided that you regularly back up your device and take care of it, you can reduce the amount of time this will take. 

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