Are Skull Candy Headphones Good?

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Podcasts, music, videos, movies, and TV shows are all better when we listen to them through earphones. Lost in a world of our own, headphones allow us to block out the things happening around us and focus on the sound in our ears. 

Now, there is nothing worse than boarding a flight, or getting to the gym and realizing your earphones are either broken or just plain bad. You need good quality earphones that won’t cost you a small fortune. 

Skull Candy is a well-known brand that produces earphones, headphones, and other technological accessories. But are they any good?

In this article, we discuss if Skullcandy headphones are worth your money or if you should take your business elsewhere. 

Who Are Skullcandy?

With the popularity of Apple AirPods and Samsungs EarBuds, it can be hard to know if any other headphone manufacturers are even in business.

SkullCandy was founded in 2003 in Utah. Their sole purpose was to make good quality earphones and headphones for a decent price. And throughout the 2000s and early 2010, the brand was everywhere. 

It began as the creative founder, Rick Alden had the idea for earphones that could switch from music to calls seamlessly. Essentially transforming earphones into what they are today. 

Coming from the mind of a skater and snowboarder, the headphones from SkullCandy have a cool, alternative look that only helps them grow in popularity. 

Today, the brand is still a powerhouse in the headphone industry. With headphones that were made to be used, not left in a fancy case, SkullCandy headphones are perfect for anyone looking to own headphones that do it all. 

Who Are SkullCandy Headphones For?

With their edgy design, it was first thought that SkullCandy products were for thrill seekers. They were popular among the younger demographics for their rather intense colors and skull logo. 

However, taking into consideration the price and goal of the products, they were for anyone looking to enjoy more from their headphones. Gone were the days of removing your buds to answer a phone call, you simply answered the phone and you could hear everything. 

One category that is especially specific about their headphones is gamers. And Skull Candy has created various products that fit the requirements of any gamer. With comfortable earcups, you can game all day long without any distractions. 

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of SkullCandy headphones!


A combination of expensive and less expensive textiles is utilized to make Skullcandy headphones.

The structural headband is one of many plastic components that make up the housing of the Hesh. Particularly with frequent use, plastic pieces have a tendency to break much more easily than other materials.

The Hesh headphones, on the other hand, are collapsible and come with a thin protective bar that prevents harm from water and dust. 

If you are looking for something slightly sturdier, the Crusher and Venue models are much stronger.

The headphone cups on all Skullcandy headphones are the same; they are constructed of spongy foam and have moisture-proof skin on top.

After prolonged usage, these headphone cups won’t lose any sweat or moisture, but after roughly a year of regular use, their skins can show signs of friction wear. 

Comfort & Ease of Use

Are Skull Candy Headphones Good

All Skullcandy headphones have an adjustable frame that allows them to comfortably fit a range of head sizes and shapes.

These headphones have excellent tensile integrity thanks to their structural design, which makes them a wonderful option for use while exercising, hiking, biking, and even skating.

All thanks to the product being created by a thrill seeker himself. 

Users can also benefit from far greater mobility than with standard headphones thanks to their wireless functionality, although at the cost of some signal quality (especially when the battery life is low).

Sound Quality 

Now, for the most important element of headphones, the sound quality. For the price you are paying, SkullCandy headphones have a great sound. 

The Skullcandy series’ main advantage is that its product line includes a variety of sound performance capabilities to accommodate varied tastes.

So, whether you want to block out the world or have something on to keep you entertained, there is a pair of SkullCandy headphones for you. 

Pros & Cons of SkullCandy Headphones 

If you have read all of that and are still unsure on whether SkullCandy headphones are worth it then you have to keep reading. We have the pros and cons of SkullCandy headphones to make your decision simple:


  • Speedy Charging: Rapid might be helpful when consumers are on the go or have a tight schedule. According to Skullcandy, its headphones can playback for up to four hours after just 10 minutes of quick charging
  • Wireless: Certain models of SkullCandy headphones can be connected to modern devices through Bluetooth. This may affect sound quality but is an excellent function.
  • Controls: Users may use the Skullcandy headphones’ controls to make a few crucial playback adjustments. The right headphone of every pair of headphones has a power switch and volume controls. 


  • Plastic Parts: The Skullcandy headphones have some plastic pieces that not only give them a cheaper feel but are also more susceptible to break under heavy wear than metal parts.
  • Deterioration: The Skullcandy headphones’ coverings may shield them from dust and moisture, but harsh weather and intense sunshine can quickly harm them if they are left outside. The peeling of the headphone skins, which can be painful on the ear, is the most obvious damage.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that you can use daily without worrying about them falling apart, then yes you should buy a pair of SkullCandy Headphones. 

SkullCandy headphones are innovative and come with a decent price. They are not going to provide you with a life-changing experience but, they will produce good sound quality and last you a long time. 

SkullCandy headphones are good quality headphones for anyone to enjoy without a heart dropping price tag.  

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