Camera Decision: NexiGo N950P vs. Poly Studio P5

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The ability to instantly interact and collaborate with others via virtual platforms is one of the major feats of today’s world. Such means of easy communication enables colleagues, partners, and consumers from all over the world, regardless of wherever they are, to interact with peers. Increasingly in the corporate world, video conferencing, video calling, and unified communications are taking the place of face-to-face meetings. Thus, requiring an informed camera decision to make the whole experience clear and understandable. In turn, this eliminates the need for business travels and too much expenses.

Furthermore, because collaboration is rapid, both parties can increase their productivity significantly. Knowing who you are talking to, rather than just hearing them, makes it easier to connect with others. The camera decision you will make is crucial for the virtual experience to be as near to real-life as possible. The quality of webcam components and optimizations varies greatly, affecting the overall quality of the experience.

You might wonder, as many others have: “What are the benefits of putting money into an external camera?” or “Why do I need a webcam when my computer already has one?” Embedded webcams can be beneficial compared to external or “plug-and-play” webcams, but technological and financial constraints can limit performance.

The following are the differences and similarities between the two best external web cameras you should own, and we’ll compare both of them for you!

Comparison Chart

Zoom Certified 4K Zoomable Webcam with Remote and Software Control, Sony Starvis Sensor, 5X Digital Zoom, NexiGo N950P Pro Web Camera with Dual Stereo Mics, for Zoom Skype Teams Twitch
Poly Studio P5 Professional Webcam (Plantronics) – 1080p HD Laptop Camera for Video Conference & Distance Learning – Monitor & Tripod Mount – Privacy Shutter-Works w/Teams (Certified), Zoom(Certified)

2021 NexiGo N950P Pro Web Camera Review

Many additions are incorporated with the N950P Webcam in its well-packaged white box. The packaging contains the one-year guarantee and a reminder letter concerning the USB-C cable, a lengthy, multi-lingual user guide and a remote control within it. The NexiGo N950P’s packaging also includes the USB-C to USB-A cable that should be typical for most devices marketed nowadays. To keep hackers out, you can use the easy-to-attach privacy cover that sticks to the top of the webcam. On the underside of the clip is a conventional tripod mount of one-quarter inch. This webcam, however, does not come with a tripod.

The NexiGo N950P employs a Sony 8.5 megapixel sensor with a resolution of 4K 30 frames per second, resulting in a more smooth, clear, crisp image, and it has a 35-90 degree field of vision and a fixed-focus lens. This webcam is compatible with various programs, including Zoom, Xbox, OPS, etc. On the other hand, the remote control is the most intriguing feature of this webcam.

The webcam is significantly more versatile because you can control your video calls and streams when away from your workplace. The webcam is a comprehensive production powerhouse with features including a power button, mic mute, the option to halt video, the ability to switch the cam’s frequency from 50 to 60 Hertz, a 5X power zoom in and out, backlighting, brightness adjustment, and the ability to adjust the internal volume mic.

With the plug-and-play feature, all you have to do is connect it in and start using your preferred webcam software. This camera boasts two Omni-directional microphones with noise cancellation and auto white balance, so video and audio should be clearer from all angles. You may also accurately aim the camera on your subject by moving the camera up and down. In addition, the adjustable clip is secured and does not move around to the monitor. As a result, utilizing a remote control with a webcam is a nice feature that might add to all webcams in the future, but it will, of course, increase the cost. So for the time being, the NexiGo N950P’s remote is fast, easy to use, and a feature that should leave you impressed. For instance, you can also adjust the picture direction while zooming in to better view the room.

Poly Studio P5 Professional Webcam Review

Poly (previously Plantronics) is well known for its Bluetooth headphones for personal and business use. However, the company’s webcams were largely designed and priced for teleconference meetings in offices rather than for personal usage. The Poly Studio P5 is a simple webcam that’s straightforward to set up and use. It’s significantly less expensive than Poly’s larger, business-oriented cameras, costing more than twice as much.

As a result, we’ve heard some of the greatest sound quality in this category, making it an excellent pick for video conversations where audio clarity is critical. Like many other camera decisions, the Poly Studio P5 may be mounted to a monitor. It comes with a monitor clip that you can adjust to fit your needs. It is easy to install on my laptop, and only takes a few seconds. The Studio P5 can also be used with a tripod; thus, you’ll be able to use the webcam on a tripod instead of your monitor.

You’ll get crystal-clear and sharp images with the Studio P5 webcam. Using the Poly Lens program, you can make further modifications. You can make slight modifications there, but you can also manage and track gadgets, which would be essential for IT experts in product management. On the Studio P5, there’s also a privacy shutter. The shutter seals off the camera by simply rotating the dial on the camera casing. As a result, the shutter will turn red, making it easy to see that you have it closed.

When you turn the dial in the other direction, the color turns red to green, indicating that the shutter isn’t working—a small detail to be noticed, but still an important feature of this webcam. The Poly Studio P5 includes a directional microphone built-in, which Poly claims is ideal for working in a unique environment. You’ll get greater performance from the one incorporated in the P5 compared to what you may expect from a microphone that comes with your computer. The Poly Studio P5 is excellent in picking up voice and its clarity.

Poly Studio P5 both supports the Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications. Many other applications that use UB/UVC standards will also benefit from it. In a nutshell, this webcam is compatible with a wide range of programs, making it simple to set up and use and a generally compatible gadget. It doesn’t have the sharpest image, but it’s significantly superior to most laptop webcams and performs far better in low-light conditions.

The Key Differences Between the Two Webcams

The N950P is unique in that it has a remote control, which is a nice feature for folks who want to change the settings on their webcam on the fly without having to go into their program and change them. Many webcam reviews requested zoom features on the remote and top of the camera, and now they’ve explained why.

It’s a huge bonus to be able to zoom in on a thing so quickly and easily without sacrificing the quality. Meetings or presentations. Another excellent feature is adjusting brightness and illumination, which is extremely useful for broadcasters and gamers in low-light environments.

The simple privacy shutter of Poly Studio P5 is useful since it eliminates the need to unplug the camera to turn it off. This is a basic function, but it does prevent someone from gaining access to your computer and taking photos or videos with your camera. Security and peace of mind come first.

It’s fantastic to be able to adjust the lights’ brightness automatically. Having a webcam that can auto-correct for low light conditions is a good feature to have for anyone who has used a webcam in the past. The P5 is a webcam with a very basic design. It’s small and white, with a hinged monitor clip and a tapered barrel form that’s permanently attached to it. The camera’s underside, under the clip, and a three-foot wire connect a USB-A socket.

Similarities Between The Two Webcams

The NexiGo N950P comes with a superior webcam mount to the standard webcam mount. Its 2.4-inch clamp is on both sides, giving it a greater grip than others. A tripod can be with it. You can force a webcam frequently to tilt slightly higher from its original position by the weight of its cord and can rotate from left to right on the clip. You can relieve the pressure by squeezing the cable of the N950P into the retaining clamp of the mount.

The Poly Studio P5, on the other hand, has a hinge on the monitor clip. It is strong enough to tilt the camera up and down. There are a variety of vertical angles, but that’s all there is to it. Apart from the clip itself, it can rotate left and right on the clip, but it has no tilt adjustment. You can fold the clip flat to place the camera on any surface. You can also fold the outside of the bottom of the clip. It would be on the surface, does not have the same rubber grips as the clip’s jaws. The camera has a tripod screw mount, not the clip; taking it off exposes a normal screw mount.

Best Use of Each Webcam

The NexiGo N950P may adjust the magnification level of the webcam by pressing zoom plus or zoom minus. It’s quick to go in and out, and it’s responsive. It’s a great function for focusing on the topic. The NexiGo N950P is also really cool that you can use the remote control from quite a distance away. As a result, it’s ideal for conference calls. This is a 90-degree view angle if you have a large conference room or a large room where you want your webcam to take up the entire area to see the entire room.

A single directional microphone with a frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz is in the Poly Studio P5. The audio is crystal-clear and crisp. It picks up a lot of loud noises in the background, but it’s not too bad if you don’t want to hear it. You may also combine the Poly Studio P5 with one of the company’s headsets for a more immersive audio experience—the two-ear headset Voyager 4220 UC. It’s quite light and features earcup controls that are easy to use.

Which is the Winner?

The winner of this bout is the…. Poly Studio P5!

First, you receive a great and sharp full HD 1080P image. That’s a huge first step towards proving something worth your money. After all, we’re talking about video conferencing in this case, and image quality is really important. You’re most likely on an important business call.

Do you want to appear your best, or at the very least put yourself in the best light possible? In this regard, the Poly Studio P5 delivers. The P5’s features, such as an 80-degrees field of vision and a 4x magnification, assist in explaining why it’s such a good deal.

Final Takeaway

A hacker can use your computer’s webcam to spy on you if it’s linking to the internet. It’s a definite privacy concern at the very least, whether the hacker is doing it for fun or corporate espionage. Make sure your computer is secure and consider utilizing a webcam with a light that indicates when it is active, unplugging it when not in use, or covering the lens with a piece of tape or a sticky note while you aren’t using it. In this way, you’re preventing hackers from hacking your webcam at any cost.


Why are webcams invented?

The first webcam was to help late-night studiers and programmers to keep an eye on coffee levels. In short, to check coffee levels without getting up.

Do all webcams work with all computers?

Not all webcams are compatible with every computer, but most webcam manufacturers ensure that the webcams will work with our current windows versions.

Can a webcam be wireless?

Yes, instead of using a USB or cable wire to connect your webcam to your device, a wireless webcam uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

What is the world’s smallest webcam?

The Flea3 measures only a little more than an inch, and that’s the thickest point of it. This smallest webcam has a quality of 4k.

Is the 720p webcam good enough for zoom?

A camera with 720p (1280×720) resolution will suffice in zoom meetings.

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