Fast Enough: Intel Celeron G5920 vs. Intel Pentium Gold G6400

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Dealing with good and established brands may somewhat lead you into confusion because you don’t know what to choose. Seems ironic, isn’t it? But is also usually the case. You are bombarded with many options – the newly introduced or the old one, both with good features. Then the questions start springing up (as they should). Is it fast enough? Can it perform heavy workload and run multiple applications at the same time? And these are just the most common ones. 

You may depend on the RAM, GPU, and the number of cores needed. If you don’t know about PC, check the CPU’s name first to get its age and performance level with websites. You should check the clock speed and core of the CPU, whether it is dual-core or has quad-core chips. 

As such, maybe you’ve heard of these two bad boys we got for you. Introduced in the market a long time ago, but these differences and similarities will still surprise you.

Comparison Chart

Intel Pentium Gold G-6400 Desktop Processor 2 Cores 4.0 GHz LGA1200 (Intel 400 Series chipset) 58W (BX80701G6400)
Intel Celeron G5920 Comet Lake 3.5GHz 2MB Smart Cache CPU Desktop Processor Boxed

These two have a lot in commons, but first, we take a look at their CPU specifications. 

Intel Celeron G5920 Review 

Intel Celerons were very popular on the market when they were first introduced. In 1998, Celeron was made public by Intel. It is equipped with two CPU cores clocked at 3.5GHz, has 2MB of L3 cache, and can support DDR4 RAM that is clocked at 2,666MHz. 

The Intel Celeron G5920 doesn’t support a multi-thread or a turbo boost, which means that it can only run a single core at a time. It’s clock speed also cannot surpass the 3.5GHz limit. 

The outcome will be even more noticeable when you run a test with Intel Celeron G5920 because the definitive test will tell you that the graphics hardware is much more sensitive to changes with its bandwidth. 

Not to disappoint you or anything, but the Intel Celeron G5920 is not built for gaming. (Sorry to our dear gamers out there.) If you want to use the Intel Celeron G5920 smoothly, make sure to run non-gaming applications that doesn’t require that much display to experience a fast enough graphic transition. 

This model of Celeron was never designed for heavy workloads because of its cores and RAM. But if you are asking for a reasonable price, Intel Celeron G5920 is one to count on because it is only $81.99 today in the market. 

Moreover, if you run the Intel Celeron G5920 in benchmarks, the result would not surprise you because it is only a dual-core and lacks hyper-threading, unlike those gigantic processors like the Radeon IGP Ryzen 3 3200G. Surprisingly, despite the Intel Celeron G5920 only possessing two cores, and the processor can just run one out of it at a time, it is still prevalent among people who only need a working and comfy laptop. 

And with its lacking capabilities, the Intel Celeron G5920 hasn’t increased much in price in the market. This is also why it is suitable for some retailers and regular users, but definitely not advisable for gamers.

Intel Pentium Gold G6400 Review 

Intel first introduced Intel Pentium Gold G6400 in 2020 as one of its LGA1200 desktop platforms. Its initial launch immediately caught the attention of PC enthusiasts and extreme PC builders. The 10th gen of Intel desktop processor has an outgoing performance of LGA5151 platform with a chip of Core I9-10900K like, with 10 cores, and turbo speed that has up to 5GHz. 

Intel Pentium Gold G6400 was built with a jet-fuel CPU with 10 Generations of Intel, soon to be augmented by an 11th Generation called “Rocket Lake” chips. If you only want to do some document typing and web browsing, the Intel Pentium Gold G6400 is already ideal for you. 

Take note that this is not the latest model of Intel, and it was introduced in mid-2020. Some may even say that it is identical to the Pentium G5000 series that are still available today. 

Going back to the Intel Pentium Gold G6400 features, this processor has two-hyper threading cores clocked at 4GHz. It also allows the use of four concurrent processing threads at a time. The processor has 4MB of cache and a 58-watt (TDP) Thermal Design Power rating. 

The Intel Pentium Gold G6400 processor has remained unchanged from its predecessors when it comes to integrated graphics. UHD’s Graphics 610 and its execution units clock are 1.05Ghz. 

As for gaming, the Intel Pentium Gold G6400 is barely on a low-quality performance but can be tolerated when played in moderation. If you want to use it for your everyday task and internet surfing, the CPU performance is fast enough to handle these tasks. 

Difference Between the Two 

At this part of our discussion, you might be thinking that it is already obvious what differentiates one from the other. The Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has multi-threading cores that can all function at the same time, while the Intel Celeron G5920 has only 2 cores that can’t. 

The price between the two has a great difference with the Intel Celeron G5920’s price, at approximately $81.99 and the price for Intel Pentium Gold G6400 at $129.99.  

When it comes to productivity, the Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has a lot more potential in terms of processors and cores. It can also handle low-quality graphic games that the Intel Celeron G5920 cannot do. Both can be good at regular use, but Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has a much higher thread count. Thus, it is more reliable to run an application with it than with Intel Celeron G5920. 

But if you’re a regular PC user and just want to browse on the internet and do some word documents, the Intel Celeron G5920 is much more preferable than the Intel Pentium Gold G6400. 

In terms of clock speed, Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has 4.0 GHz, while Intel Celeron G5920 has only 3.5 GHz. According to their benchmark result, the single threading rating for Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has 2488 while the Intel Celeron G5920 has 2151. As their CPU mark on the market, Intel Celeron G5920 has 2,482 while Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has 4,133. They say that the higher the number, the better. 

Similarities Between the Two 

Because the same brand manufactures both of them, the Intel Celeron G5920 and Intel Pentium Gold G6400 have a lot of things in common regarding their Intel UHD Graphics 610. It can be both used as a word processing and office tool. Both have a good graphics transition and provides smooth use of applications except for hard-core gaming.  

Also, they both have a socket type of FCLGA1200, Desktop CPU Class, and Max TDP of 58W. Their yearly running cost is the same at 10.59 dollars, and their power consumption is about 0.1. Their power consumption per year is 42.3, and running cost per day is $0.029. Too, both don’t support Turbo Speed. 

Best Use for Each Processor 

None of the two may seem to fit for gaming, but both are good for everyday tasks, office work, and simple web browsing. The Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has a much higher core thread. This is the reason why it has more capability to hold a game for just low graphics without lagging and delaying. 

The Intel Celeron G5920, on the other hand, maybe good with simple tasks, like word documents and a little bit of editing with such a low system requirement. If it’s used for gaming, make sure to choose all the low settings for the graphics for it to run well and not be spiky. 

Which is the Winner? 

The winner of this fight is Intel Pentium Gold G6400 because of its 10th generation feature and multi-thread core function. It can be used mainly for laptops to surf the web and do some editing. It is also a faster processor to Celerons but not quite as powerful as i3 processors.

Both Intel Pentium Gold G6400 and Intel Celeron G5920 may be on the same umbrella because of their brand manufacturer, but Intel Pentium Gold G6400 has more exciting and powerful performance than Intel Celeron G5920. With Intel Pentium Gold G6400, you can play with just a low-quality system requirement. Unlike Intel Celeron G5920, you need to lower down all the graphic options for it to run smoothly. 

Despite their shortcomings, they still have some quite of features to offer. Nonetheless, both are still rocking the market with their presence on CPU mark rating. 


Why is Intel Famous? 

The Intel company is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue and a developer of microprocessors that can be found on our computers today. 

What is Next to Pentium? 

The next to the Pentium series is the Core series by Intel. Core series has turbo speeds and is much faster than Atom-powered laptops and tablets. It has either 6 to 8MB of L3 cache that surpasses Pentium units. 

Can You Upgrade Your Celeron to Pentium? 

No, you can’t. The CPU is already soldered to the motherboard. In addition, the heatsink is not also designed to be put there as what your TDP processor suggests. 

Is Intel Celeron Good for Gaming? 

The Intel Celeron series has a very weak GPU, which means that they’re not built for gaming. An Intel Celeron was clearly made for light work and not for gaming. Their graphic cards are weak and not suitable for heavy graphics and settings. 

What Does a GPU Do? 

GPU is not only for gaming. The Graphics Processing Unit is an essential type of computing technology that runs by artificial intelligence (AI). GPU uses various applications, including graphics and video.

Final Takeaway 

We can differentiate CPUs and processors by their price and popularity in the market. You have the right to choose what best suits you and your environment. If you’re a gamer, you just need a higher and more powerful CPU and processor to play the game in high resolution with no lagging issues and overheating. Some may choose a simple and average CPU and processor because all they want is to surf the web and do some word typing for work, just making sure that the system is fast enough to do the job. 

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