How To String A Hyper Tough Weed Eater

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Weed eaters, also commonly known as ‘weed wackers’ are incredibly popular outdoor maintenance tools used by people all across the world.

They have become popular thanks to how safe they are to use, especially when compared to other gardening tools that can prove dangerous if handled incorrectly. 

Weed eaters are special because they simply use a tense string that is spun around at high speeds, which creates enough force to cut away at grasses of various lengths by ‘whacking’ the tops of the blades of grass off.

This saves the potential danger of using spinning blades and ensures that the device is not able to cause damage to larger plants and shrubbery.

But like any similar device, you need to maintain a weed eater, but how do you actually install a new string onto a weed eater? 

Want to find out how to string a hyper tough weed eater so that it can work at its absolute best?

Then you will definitely want to keep reading down below because we are going to show you, step by step, how you can do it yourself! 

How Do You Restring A Hyper Tough Weed Eater?

There are a few things you need to do to make sure that a string has been safely installed into your weed eater.

You will want to make sure that you follow these steps in order so that you do not damage the weed eater itself. 

Step 1 – Turn Off The Weed Eater

Absolutely the first thing you should do before ever performing maintenance on your weed eater is to turn it off.

If the weed eater is connected to mains power, ensure that it is completely unplugged, and if it is battery-operated, make sure that the batteries are removed. 

Step 2 – Remove The Trimmer Cap

In order to access the old string in your weed eater, you will need to remove the trimmer cap. The trimmer cap, most commonly, can be removed by simply unscrewing it.

However, different models of weed eaters often have very different methods needed to remove the cap. Make sure to consult the user handbook for your weed eater to find out how to safely remove the cap. 

Step 3 – Remove The Spool

Now that you have taken the cap off of the trimmer, you will want to remove the spool from the weed eater.

Most weed eaters will have the string housed within a small plastic disc called the spool, which the string wraps tightly around. 

Carefully unspool the string from the weed eater spool. Don’t worry if the string is a little too tight, as you can simply cut it if it proves too challenging.

Some models may require you to thread the string through the spool in a specific way to keep it in place, so make sure to make a mental note of how the string is threaded through as you unthread it. 

How To String A Hyper Tough Weed Eater

Step 4 – Thread The New String

Now that you have removed the old string from the spool, feel free to go ahead and thread the new string onto it in the same way that the previous one was threaded.

For most weed eater models you will need around 25 feet of string, but make sure to consult your model’s user guide to be sure of how much you need.

If your weed eater requires the string to be threaded in a specific way, then make sure to thread it in that specific way as closely as you can.

Step 5 – Wrap Up The String Tightly

Now that you have threaded the end of the string into the weed eater spool, you can set about wrapping the string around the spool to keep the string in place.

Your spool should have little arrow indicators built in that show you which direction to thread the string, but if not, just make sure to do it in a clockwise direction.

Try as best as you can to wrap up the string in evenly distributed rows, but don’t worry too much if it does not look perfect. Keeping the rows even simply helps to make it easier to replace the string further down the line! 

Just make sure that the string is tight the whole time that you wrap it, a tautness is what helps your weed eater to work so effectively. 

Step 6 – Trim Off The Excess String

Simply keep wrapping the string around the spool until you have enough.

Generally, you will want to make sure that the wrapped string does not reach any higher than the rim of the spool, as this will make it difficult to add the spool back to the unit.

Once you have enough, simply trim off the excess from the string, so that only around 4 to 6 inches are left poking off the end of the string, depending on how wide the cutting area of your weed eater is. 

Step 7 – Add The Spool Back

Now that you have added the string to the spool, simply then add the pool back to the unit in a way that the end of the string is able to poke out enough.

Once you have fixed the spool into place, all you then need to do is place the cap firmly back onto the unit! 

To Wrap Up

Luckily, stringing a hyper tough weed eater is very easy, but you just need to make sure you do it just right to ensure the weed eater can work at its very best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is All Weed Eater String The Same?

While most weed eater strings can be used with most models, they are not all created equal. Some units may require a specific kind of string. 

Do You Need To Soak Weed Eater String?

You do not need to soak weed eater string, but it can be beneficial, as it can help to prevent the string from being degraded by heat.

Why Won’t My String Stay In My Weed Eater?

The main reason may well be that the string simply has not been wrapped tightly enough!

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