Greenworks 21102 Top Mount Trimmer vs. Greenworks 21142 Corded String Trimmer

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Gasoline-powered trimmers can be a tried-and-true option for those who need weeds, grass and other issues in their yard cleared away. You may expect that no electric model could possibly measure up, even though you may not want to deal with the smell of gasoline.

However, electric trimmers like the Greenworks 21102 and 21142 prove that thinking wrong. They come with 10 amps of power, which your weeds surely won’t be able to stand up to. Let’s dive into how these two trimmers compare and what they can do to keep your yard looking perfect.

Comparison Chart

Greenworks 21102 10 Amp Corded 18-Inch Top Mount Trimmer
Greenworks 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable), 21142

Greenworks 21102 Review

When you’re making the choice between an electric trimmer or one powered by gasoline, power can be a big motivator. Often, electric models just don’t carry the same amount of power that others can. That said, lack of power is certainly something you won’t need to worry about with the Greenworks 21102.

With 10 amps of power to provide, this handy trimmer is going to be able to get through just about anything. Some customers may even find that the power is a bit too much, tossing rocks more easily than other electric models out there.

In addition to all that power, you’ll also get a decently large cutting path. A full 18 inches will allow you to clear weeds and grass in your yard quite quickly. Furthermore, this is a model designed to make line-feeding easy with the help of the dual-line feed.

Often, those who use trimmers may find that there are other tools they need on hand as well. When you have this trimmer, you can pair it with a QuickConnect Coupler to create more versatility. Using that connection, you can turn your trimmer into a blower, edger and more.

You’d think with all that capability, this has to be a pretty heavy-duty device. However, the Greenworks 21102 only weighs just over 8 lbs. Because of that, it’s quite easy to maneuver and keep control over. Alongside the lightweight design, the molded grip ensures your comfort while you get your work done.

Greenworks 21102 Pros and Cons


  • This unit offers plenty of power
  • The deflector is the ideal size for safe trimming
  • Trimmer comes with excellent customer support
  • Durable enough to handle thick foliage
  • Provides an easy-to-use design


  • There can be issues with the design of the bump feed head
  • Directions for installing the string may be incorrect
  • This trimmer is powerful enough to throw rocks. Use safety precautions

Greenworks 21142 Short Review

The Greenworks 21142 is another trimmer that is certainly not lacking when it comes to power. Much like the previous model, it also offers 10 amps of power. As a result, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through your yard tasks with this tool at your side.

Additionally, it also includes the dual bump feed design as well as the ability to create a cutting path of 18 inches. Because of that, you’ll be likely to find that this tool helps you to get through your weeds and grass issues quite quickly. Just make sure that you have all your safety gear on.

Much like the 21102, this is also a model that can offer you a whole lot of versatility. The model is made to work perfectly well with attachments, even when they were created by different brands. Because of that, you can combine the trimmer with pieces from TrimmerPlus, Ryobi and more.

On top of connecting to other attachments, you can also turn this trimmer into different tools. Using the QuickConnect setup, you can create other tools simply by adding to the trimmer. This is a great way to cut down on the number of tools stored in your garage while still getting everything done.

Finally, keep in mind that this model is a bit heavier than the 21102. It comes in at just over 13 lbs., so it will require a bit more strength to use. Additionally, you’ll also get a 4-year warranty with the purchase of this device.

Greenworks 21142 Pros and Cons


  • This is a highly powerful unit
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great for thick foliage
  • String is easy to reinstall


  • Some may find that the power is more than they need
  • There can be issues with the line trimmer
  • Some have experienced sheared bolts in the trimmer head



There is a distinct weight difference between these two models. This is particularly worth noting for those who need something especially lightweight. The 21142 model weighs in at about 13.15 lbs., while the 21102 model weighs 8.14 lbs. While you’re shopping, make sure to consider what you’re going to need in terms of weight.


Between these two models, you will be likely to notice a bit of a price difference. The 21102 model may be more or less costly than the 21142, depending on where you look. Gauging by the prices currently on Amazon, you’ll find the latter option to be more expensive. It’s really a good idea to make sure you compare a variety of sellers so that you can get the best value at the lowest cost.


Because the 21102 is a discontinued model, it’s not going to be as easy to find as the 21142. While the 21142 is available quite easily through Amazon, the Greenworks website and other areas, the 21102 is only found on Amazon or sources that cater to used tools. This is something you may also want to consider with regard to the availability of productfight21-20nt parts for each of the machines.



Both of these devices have plenty of power to offer. They are both made to be powered through electricity, using a power cord. That means you won’t have to refill or recharge them, just make sure you have a long enough extension cord to plug them in. Furthermore, 10 amps of power are available on each device, meaning plenty of power to get through weeds, grass and more.


If you’re searching for a versatile tool, you’ll be happy to know that both of these trimmers offer exactly that. Both can make use of the attachments designed for other brands. Additionally, both trimmers can combine with other attachments through QuickConnect in order to provide you with other kinds of tools. It’s a great way to save money and space.

Cutting Space

With both trimmers, you’ll have access to an 18” path. The trimmers cut through this path quickly and easily, allowing you to make short work of most smaller yards or other areas that need a trim. That said, keep in mind that you’ll need to have an extension cord that allows your trimmer to reach all the areas you need cleaned up.

Bump Feed Design

These trimmers both offer a head with a bump feed design. This is made to provide added string without too much effort. However, keep in mind that both models have had some issues with the way the bump feeder is actually working. You may need to make adjustments in order to get the line flowing more smoothly.

Best Uses for These Trimmers

These trimmers have a lot of power, making them fantastic for most home purposes. Some may even choose to use them for lighter commercial tasks, but keep in mind that they may not be able to handle quite the same amount of work that most gasoline-powered commercial trimmers can.

In all other instances, they make for a perfect productfight21-20nt when you just need something to take care of weeds and grass at home. You can avoid having to deal with gasoline, making the process much simpler. Additionally, there won’t be any batteries to go dead on you in the middle of a task.


There’s no denying that these models are really very similar. The main difference is that the 21102 is a discontinued model. That’s worth keeping in mind when it comes to purchasing productfight21-20nt parts down the road. Additionally, this model may not have a warranty.

On the other hand, the 21142 may be a little bit heavier, but it’s a choice that is considered modern. It’s not discontinued, meaning you’ll be able to get productfight21-20nt parts pretty easily. Additionally, this is a model that strives to do away with many of the problems that the 21102 faces.

Greenworks 21102 FAQ

Can you place an aftermarket blade on this trimmer?

Typically, yes. This is a trimmer that you can opt for an aftermarket blade with, and such a blade may provide you even more efficiency. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure it is compatible with the trimmer. Otherwise, there are also blade attachments that may be easier to use.

What diameter of line does this trimmer need?

When you’re replacing the line, it helps to know what diameter fits best. That way, you can install it and get to work quickly and easily. For the 21102, the line diameter you’ll need is .080 inch. If you’ve never shopped for trimmer line before, it may help to talk to a professional and let them know which trimmer you’re using.

Can this trimmer be used with a rechargeable battery?

This is a trimmer designed to be used with a cord. It will not work with a rechargeable battery, as there is no place to put one. The good news is, you won’t need to worry about a battery dying on you. Just plug the machine in and you’ll be ready to go.

Is there a way to fix bump feed problems on this trimmer myself?

Some have found that changing the direction of the string can help to solve the problem. However, it’s best to contact customer service if you experience problems so that they can guide you through fixing them or replace the unit completely.

Does this model come with a warranty?

Typically, trimmers that come from Greenworks offer a 4-year warranty. However, that may not apply to the 21102 because it is a discontinued model. If you want to check for a warranty before purchasing the unit, make sure to call Greenworks directly. They’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.

Greenworks 21142 FAQ

How do I refill the string on this trimmer?

If you have an owner’s manual handy, you’ll be able to find the instructions needed to carry out this task. Typically, they are often located on page 10 or 11, but that exact page number may differ depending on the manual you have. Otherwise, you may also be able to find YouTube videos online to guide you through the process.

What is the best cord to use with this trimmer?

This will really depend on how far you need the trimmer to go from a plugin. If you need to travel up to 100 ft. away, then you’re going to want a 10-gauge cord. For those only looking to move up to 50 ft. away, a 14-gauge cord will be suitable.

How long is the 21142?

Overall, this trimmer is 5’7” long. This includes the entire tool, so keep that in mind when you’re considering how long of a trimmer you might need.

What length of productfight21-20nt line should I get?

Replacement line can be purchased in 20-ft. lengths, and this is ideal for refilling your trimmer. Additionally, make sure you use the correct diameter, which is .080 inches.

Can I trade out the trimmer head for a different one?

It is not recommended that you try to use a trimmer head that isn’t the one that comes with this model. Problems may ensue, and at the very least it is likely to void the warranty. Instead, take a look at the attachment options available to help with getting any job done.