Cue the Music: Sony MDRXB450AP Extra Bass vs. Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless

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The best way to win the game is to have clear and audible communication. For gamers, having communication is important, mostly if you’re determined to kill or defeat the enemy. Some of the games need some ganking for their teammates to win the corresponding lanes and push some towers (which are just some typical normally objectives of games). Others need hard communication to defuse the bomb to the enemy’s base to win the game. Communication in gaming is important, and in order to do that, you need good and working headphones. So cue the music (or the sweet sound of guns firing at the enemies) because Product Fight is here with today’s contenders: Sony MDRXB450AP Extra Bass vs. Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless.

Finishing the game is an achievement and self-satisfaction when all objectives are okay. Headphones are not only for gamers. Most of the time, people working on customer service need loud and durable headphones for the communication to be clear. And in today’s generation, there are a lot of unbelievable headphones with the most astounding qualities that can be seen on the market.

But first things first. As mentioned, there are countless quality headphones around. We’ll then be determining what our two headphones have to offer. And hopefully, after reading through this article, you will have a clear grasp of what headphones will best suit your needs.

Comparison Chart

Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass Headphone (Red)
CORSAIR HS80 RGB Wireless Premium Gaming Headset with Spatial Audio – Works with Mac, PC, PS5, PS4 – Carbon

Sony MDRXB450AP Extra Bass Headphones Review

Soft padded ear cups on the Sony MDR-XB450AP provide a good range for both ears. Furthermore, the headband’s closed-back construction guarantees that sound is walled off within your listening range. It doesn’t cancel out the noise as much as those more expensive solutions, but it’s accurate enough to block out any outside sounds. 

This pair of headphones has a 102dB/mW increased sensitivity and a frequency range of 5Hz to 22kHz. It simply implies that the Sony MDR-XB450AP can manage frequencies that regular headphones are incapable of handling. These Sony extra bass headphones have a 3.5 mm audio jack, making them compatible with a wide range of media devices.

You can even make calls while wearing the headphones because it has an in-line control and microphone settings. This model comes with an in-line remote that works with all devices, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Each of the earpads of the Sony MDR-XB450AP has Neodymium dynamic drivers built in it. This allows the headphones to produce the greatest sound possible. It also allows you to turn up the volume on your headphones without causing any distortions.

The Sony MDR-XB450AP delivers on the more bass promise. However, it can be a little overwhelming at times. Extra bass doesn’t always make for a good listening experience, but the Sony MDR can’t be beaten for its price, features, and overall sound production.

Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless Review

The Corsair HS80 RGB wireless is a great place to start if you’re looking for one of the finest gaming headsets. The first thing you should know is that this headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Playstation 4, and 5. The Corsair HS80 RGB wireless is currently available for $150 in the U.S., £140 in the U.K., and $220AU in Australia. 

This headset looks good right out of the box! This gaming headset comprises of black aluminum and plastic, memory foam earpads wrapped in a soft, breathable fabric, and a floating headband. A little logo on each earcup glows subtly with RGB lighting. On the left, there’s also a multidirectional microphone made of flexible plastic that you can slide around to better position it. The downside, though, is that you can’t pull it closer to your mouth, which can be frustrating.

The earcup can also pivot, allowing you to adjust them properly for your head. The Corsair HS80 RGB wireless is light with 367g, making it lighter than some of the other headsets in the market. The materials used makes it comfortable to wear for a long time. Such comfort is facilitated in part by the floating headband, which keeps the steel band from hitting your head.

The headset uses an elastic strap to suit the headband to you. It’s quick and easy to change, which is great for anyone who could be sharing it at home. On the headset itself, there are a few controls, including a volume dial and a power button. There is also no specific button to mute the microphone. You can simply move the microphone away from your face. This will then turn the LED light strip from green to red, which means that feature is shutting off.

Moreover, the audio is especially fantastic in shooting games because the low end is powerful enough to really immerse you in action. Not to mention, you can easily hear and point out where the noises are coming. You will definitely get the impression that you’re in the game. Every explosion or footsteps from your character and your enemies are quite realistic.

The Key Differences Between the Two Headphones

It is normal for headphones to have a wire that connects the headphone to the computer or whatever device you’re using. But the Corsair HS80 RGB is wireless, and you do not have to worry about tangled wires because you can use it with the help of its dongle.

The good part with Sony MDR-XB450AP is that you can adjust the buttons that would let you skip, rewind and playback music at your will. The bass of this headphone is its most unique feature because of its quality. Although, just a heads up, it can be too much when you maximize the sounds.

The Sony MDR-XB450AP can also separate decent sound contributions for both channels. Whether you’re watching a movie on your mobile device or playing it on your laptop and T.V., the headphone will automatically detect the device and adjust to accommodate each device.

As for the Corsair HS80, it has a battery that can last up to 20 hours a day with 2 days charging pattern for every use. The headphone is easy to charge because it has only a Type-C connection and can be used while charging. Unfortunately, this headphone doesn’t support Bluetooth and 3.5mm for devices that don’t support Slipstream.

The Similarities Between The Two Headphones

For gaming use, these two headphones are the best! They both have good bass for the gaming experience you want. Sony MDR-XB450AP and Corsair HS80 RGB have both comfortable ear pads that are so lovely to use. This feature is particularly beneficial for long hours of use.

Both are sturdy headbands that are durable for everyday use. If you’re a hardcore gamer or user, there is no doubt that either of these two headphones is the best for you. The Sony MDR-XB450AP and Corsair HS80 both have amazing sounds that are far from the thin can like ones that low quality headphones make.

Best Use For Each Headphone

The Sony MDR-XB450AP can deliver you many bass experiences which is excellent for gaming and watching movies. The overall sound output of this headphone is reasonable for its price. It is foldable and easy to store, making it better for working wherever and while travelling.

The best thing with Corsair HS80 is that it has an excellent microphone that is good for communicating, whether for gaming or work-related thing. Some headphones are cranky, but this headphone is not. It is also supported by Dolby Atmos surround sound that makes this headphone truly worth every penny.

Which is the Winner?  

The Corsair HS80 RGB wireless is the winner for today. The price is reasonable and extremely cozy.. While the audio output isn’t exactly perfect, you can use iCue to tune it on your PC. The not so efficient battery life is also only caused by playing while charging on the PC. But all in all, the Corsair HS80 RGB wireless is a wonderful gaming solution for P.C. gamers. 

While the battery life usually lasts until two or three gaming sessions, the provided cord is long enough to keep playing while charging. The only key factor is how far away you sit on the console – a wired USB connection won’t seem very convenient stretched across a spacious living room.


When were headphones created?

Back way 1910 by Engr. Nathanial Baldwin.

What is the most expensive headphone up to date?

Focal Utopia by Tournaire is the most expensive headphone with a price of $120,000. 

Loudest Headphone ever created?

Sony WH1000XM3 is a loud headphone. It has a noise-canceling feature and has a virtually soundproof experience.

Do waterproof headphones exist?

Yes, and one of them is a Sony NW-WS413LM in the form of an earplug.

What is the difference between Headset and Headphone?

A headset physically has a microphone attached to it, while headphones have an integrated mic that is not visible or attached.

Final Takeaway

Whether it has a noise-canceling feature or just a normal one, headphones are of great help to our modern day to day activities. Their job is to help us communicate with others, allow us to hear music as we have never heard before, and enable us to be fully immersed in the sounds that we hear whenever we wear them.

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