Best Deal: Sony SRS-RA5000 360 vs. Sonos Move

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Ever been to a party? The crowd goes wild to lively and heavy music, don’t they? Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing computer games, installing a high-quality sound system improves the experience. But, many customers overlook this because they assume they will not utilize the computer enough to justify the cost. Keep in mind that you always have to set your eyes on the best deal.

A speaker system enhances the sound experience by delivering high-quality audio. When you listen to music on your devices, you’ll notice a nice balance between high and low-frequency sounds, which helps you understand song lyrics while enjoying high fidelity audio .

For you to know if a speaker qualifies as high quality, we will conduct a quick review for these two wonderful and beautiful speakers today: the Sony SRS-RA5000 360 and Sonos Move speaker. 

Comparison Chart

Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Black
Sonos Move – Battery-powered Smart Speaker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Alexa built-in – Black​​​​​​​ (Renewed)

Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Review

With the three up-firing speakers on top, three drivers in the middle, and an integrated subwoofer, the Sony SRS-RA5000 is a sleek and attractive speaker. It supports Sony’s virtual surround format, 360 Reality Audio. Albeit, you can only use it with premium music streaming apps like Amazon Music HD and TIDAL. When 360 Reality Audio isn’t accessible, it includes an Immersive Audio Enhancement option. It allows stereo audio content, making it more immersive.

This speaker has a lot of directivities, which gives it a wide and open soundstage. It also has a visual EQ and presets to let you tailor the sound to your tastes. For music, the Sony SRS-RA5000 is adequate. It features a relatively well-balanced sound profile with its room correction feature turned on, making it the best deal for listening to a wide range of music genres. Vocals and lead instrument sound are present in the mix because of its well-balanced mid-range.

It has trouble reproducing low-bass, so you won’t hear the deep thump and rumble that bass-heavy music is known for. The Sony SRS-RA5000 is a huge Bluetooth speaker with a distinctive design and speakers on top. It’s designed to perch vertically on three bronze-like feet, and its colors are comparable to those of the Sony SRS-RA3000 in Black.

Touch-sensitive controls are located on the speaker’s sides, near the top. The build quality of the Sony SRS-RA5000 is decent. A bronze-like metal grille protects the speaker’s three up-firing drivers, which are wrapped in a tight fabric. It’s mounted vertically on three metal feet with soft pads to protect the speaker from scratching the surfaces it’s on.

The bottom of the speaker also has two small grooves that allow the speaker’s removable power line to flor neatly below it. The RA5000, on the other hand, is not water-resistant, so we highly recommend not bringing it close to sinks and pools at home. The dynamic performance of the Sony SRS-RA5000 is fine. While it may go rather loud, there are some compression artifacts at maximum volume, so your audio may not sound as clean and clear at higher volume levels.

Sonos Move Review

When you take the Move out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is how big and hefty it is. Already the best deals, huh? This isn’t your standard Bluetooth speaker on the go. The Move is a large device, weighing over 6.6 pounds and standing about 10 inches tall. As a result, it isn’t for light travel. Rather than being something you’ll want to travel with, think of the Move as a speaker that you can easily move from room to room in your house or from inside your house to outside. 

The Sonos Move is suitable for outside use. It’s well-built, with IP56 dust and a water-resistant rating, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it afterwards. The battery can last 10 hours, making it acceptable for long outdoor listening sessions, though this may vary depending on your usage. It can connect to up to two devices at once, which is useful when switching between audio sources. It has a long Bluetooth range, so your linked device will stay connected even if you’re far away from the speaker.

The speaker’s molded plastic shell has a handle that makes it easy to pick up and position it in a new area. But the Move is not something you’ll want to carry on lengthy excursions. Also, the battery in the Move is removable, which means you can swap it out for a new one when it ultimately quits holding a charge. Sonos claims that the battery will survive for 900 charge cycles approximately three years of use and that replacements will be available within the company’s announcement. 

The design, battery life, and weight aspects are all nice, but the sound is what truly matters with the Move, and Sonos excels in that department. The Move has a surprising amount of volume and can fill even big rooms without sounding strained or distorted. Its sound output is similar to that of a Sonos One rather than a Sonos Play 5, with somewhat more volume than the One. Although you can hear the bass from the Move, you won’t be able to feel it like you would with a Play 5.

The Key Differences Between These Two Speakers

Quality speakers don’t always come with the highest price. Expect it to have the most quality ever you’ll experience with your life if one has.

Voice assistants are truly majestic, but how do they affect the performance of these two? Voice assistants are not supported by the Sony SRS-RA5000. While the Sonos Move is promoted as being able to be controlled by an Alexa-enabled smartphone, it is a fantastic voice assistant speaker. Even from afar, the voice capture is so unique that it may understand you.

The difference is that the Sonos Move supports voice assistant features while Sony SRS-RA500 does not. It comes with both Alexa and Google Assistant pre-installed. Unfortunately, the voice assistants do not work over Bluetooth with Sonos Move, so you need to be connected over Wi-Fi. And if you’re concerned about your privacy, you may quickly disable the microphone. 

Similarities Between These Two Speakers

For movies and videos, the Sony SRS-RA5000 is unremarkable. It has a well-balanced mid-range with its room correction feature turned on, so voices and dialogues in your movies and videos sound clear. However, it has trouble reproducing low-bass, so you can utilize the graphic EQ and presets to tailor the sound to your preferences. It also boasts a lot of directivities, which results in an open soundstage.

The Sonos Move is merely okay for watching video material. It offers a well-balanced sound profile when the Trueplay room correction feature is active, but it isn’t suitable for listening to films through Bluetooth due to its latency. It also downmixes stereo content to mono when used alone, which isn’t particularly immersive. There should be no noticeable delay for AirPlay users on the plus side, which is good.

It means that both excel when used right. Their sound quality is no debate, the best with their competition.

Best Use For Each Speaker

For music, the Sonos Move is best. Its sound profile is particularly well-balanced with its Trueplay room correction feature turned on, making it perfect for listening to a wide range of music. its directivity is outstanding for a non-360-degree speaker, so your audio will sound clear from most angles.

The Sony SRS-RA5000 for a podcast is really qualified. Its room correction feature set offers a well-balanced mid-range that reproduces voices and dialogues effectively, making it ideal for listening to dialogue-centric audio content like podcasts and audiobooks. Its directivity is likewise excellent, ensuring that your audio is clear from all sides. While it can become loud, compression issues at the maximum level can degrade audio clarity at higher volumes.

Which is the Winner?

The Sonos S2 app for Sonos Move is excellent, making it the winner of this bout. You can adjust the bass and treble sliders to customize the speaker’s sound or use the app to create a stereo pair by pairing this speaker with another compatible speaker. You may also utilize the multi-room feature to simultaneously listen to various audio in different parts of your house.

The Sonos Move is a sleek-looking portable speaker with a lot of versatility. It features a well-balanced profile to all of its competition and is ideal for a wide range of music genres in it. It has a quality feel about it, which is excellent to be used on a hall, party, room, or even outside. Furthermore, while it may not produce a stereo signal, it is still excellent compared to comparable mono speakers out there!


How do speakers produce sound?

A transducer is a device that transfers electrical energy into mechanical energy. The cone’s motion creates sound waves, which cause the air to move.

When were Speakers First Created?

In 1876, the telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell. Adding it to his collection, he followed it in 1877 with a new and improved version by Ernst Siemens.

When Did Cars Have Speakers?

By the 1950s, most of the cars in the U.S. had their electronics in a single box. It is in the dashboard with an external speaker, the only component.

What is the Most Expensive Speaker Today?

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure is the most expensive loudspeaker today. It cost $5 million in the market.

Final Takeaway

Some say that speakers are unimportant when playing games and doing something on a computer that does not need audio. But little do they know that speakers tend to give life to the game if you have it. Play a little music when doing something unrelated to gaming to liven up your workspace. Speakers today offer the best deals to gadget-fanatics, enabling them to have the best audio experience.

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